Where to find the best collection of used saddles

To improve your horse riding performance, do you want to get a saddle? However, you hesitate between buying a new saddle and a used saddle? In addition, you do not know where you can get them? Rest assured ! Equitack could be your best ally.

The advantages of occasional saddles

Opting for a used saddle always holds several benefits for any horse enthusiast. Indeed, these have already been broken by a former rider. In other words, the user saddles are already adapted to the human form whereas if you buy a new one, you will still have to adapt it to your morphology. Used saddles are also much safer, since they have already been used by another rider for several types of disciplines. As a result, they will not deteriorate after a few uses. Unlike the new saddle that requires maintenance beforehand, the used saddle can be used immediately. Its maintenance is also quite easy since it only requires a shot of glycerin with a sponge after each use. Above all, thanks to these, you can save, because you can buy a used saddle from 600 euros against 700 euros for a new one.

Where to buy used saddles?

To find used saddles, you can already take a ride in stores that sell riding equipment. On the other hand, if you do not have enough time to move then you can place your order on horse equipment sales sites such as On the latter, you can find a wide range of horse equipment and used saddles from the first brand at a better price. Their staff are very passionate and have been very well trained to the point that they can give you very good advice when buying your saddle. In case of complaint, know that it has a team that remains at your disposal.

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