How to know which saddle to purchase

If you own a horse or ride commonly, saddles are important equipment, but they are also one of the most costly purchases in the equestrian world. Many cyclists opt to purchase a brand new saddle using saddles to save cash. But make sure you get to know the tips below before you go out and purchase a used saddle.

Tips to know before purchasing a saddle

Brand research: You need to do some studies to know what you are looking at when you buy a saddle. Familiarize yourself with quality saddle products so that when you look at a good deal, you can acknowledge them. No-name saddles are often much less durable than a reputable branded saddle and feature a poorer fit.

Learn how to control a saddle tree: It is vital to check the saddle tree to make sure you buy a sound, usable saddle. It is not secure to bring on your horse a saddle with a broken or twisted tree, and replacing the tree can be a costly investment. If you don't know how to check a saddle tree, ask a trainer or saddle fitter to do this for you before agreeing to buy the saddle.

Search for damage: Evaluate carefully any saddle used for harm. Check that any flocking or padding is still flexible and smooth. Inspect the billets and make sure that their power is not compromised by splits or tears. Look at the general condition of the saddle too - is the leather smooth and smooth?

Know what you and your horse will fit: One significant disadvantage of purchasing a used saddle, especially online, is that you rarely get the chance to test your horse on the saddle. Some consignment shops give trial periods, but if you buy from a private seller, if it doesn't work, they probably won't offer the choice to return the saddle. Because of this, knowing precisely what's going to suit you and your horse is essential. There are some used barrel saddles for salefor instance where you can use it at your ease.

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