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To ride on a horse, you must take care of its comfort and yours too, and the most important things is to choose the right saddles.

Choose the model of your saddle

Each saddle’s model has his characteristic, but better to adopt the one that is good for your activities.

The obstacles saddle

At the obstacle, most of the time the rider will be balanced on stirrups shod short, the leg is in flexible flexion to get the right position. A saddle for the obstacle has a kind of stirrup that permit him to be touched by your leg. The seat will be flat or half hollow in the way to not interfere with the jumper during his action. The saddle of an obstacle is used with a long strap.

The qualities of a saddle dressage

For dressage, the rider will be sitting most of the time, the leg down and right, as when standing, on long stirrup leathers. The saddle of dressage will therefore have quarters straight and long to be placed under the leg of the rider. The seat will be hollow to give a cuddly seat to the rider. The hollow seat is encompassing. The front cleats are very pronounced to keep the leg in position. Use with a short strap. This fine used saddle will allow a little work on the flat and a little obstacle and a little outside but they will rarely allow the intensive and technical practice of each of these activities. They are adapted to recreational riding more than to a pure sport riding activity.

The qualities of a mixed saddle

The mixed saddle is supposed to allow the practice of several activities. However, there are mixed saddles predominantly obstacle and mixed saddles predominantly dressage because it is impossible to gather in one saddle the ambivalent qualities required by each discipline.

The saddle tour will have long enough stirrup that are forward. These saddles are equipped with rings that allow to hang the saddlebags for hikes of several days.

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