Horse stables & ride

You lead a horse stable and you are looking for tips and tricks about the management? You are a horse lover and you want to open a stable, but you do not know where to begin? Thanks to our specialized website, you will be able to find all what you need to manage at best your stable: choice of the place to settle, equipment for the maintenance, horses purchase, information about horse riding as well... You will know everything ! Have a nice visit !

Horses and sport

The horse is the greatest conquest of the humanity: domesticated millenaries ago, the human being used to use the horses to fields tilling and freight transport, but also to fight during the war as well. Brave and loyal, the horse became quickly evident as a wonderful fellow traveller for the human. Nowadays it is mainly used to equestrian sports: dressage, jumping or trekking, there are many possibilities.

Tips for your stables

Managing a stable cannot be improvised: indeed it represents a huge work, impossible to postpone, because horses need a daily attention. You also have to choose carefully your horses, according to the activities you forsee to provide: indeed some breeds are only dedicated to yoking like draft horses, and other or ideal to the trek for example. On our website you will find many hacks to choose the best horses. We also helop you choosing your equipment: products review, comparative studies and purchase guide, tips and tricks to maintain your equipment as well... We also list many service providers dedicated to the equid care: indeed we provide you a list of blacksmith farriers, dentists, saddle fitters or osteopathes as well, who are selected by region and by city to enable you to find yours by a simple click. Thanks to us, you will never be alone anymore !